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More and more we hear about barn or farm or rustic weddings. Let’s go deep to understand what it is all about and where it comes from!

The trend is born in America, always associated with the world of cowboys! Everything seems simpler, but in reality for those who want a barn-style wedding, they do not take into account some very important aspects! Let’s go see some of them together:

  • The budget for this type of marriage is much higher than expected. Unlike wedding venues (villas, resorts, wineries, castles or hotels) where the seats, tables and mise en place are included, in the barn you have to rent everything.
  • Get ready for insects. There is nothing more romantic than being in the middle of nature, but let’s not forget about mosquitoes! Tip: ask the property to schedule a pest control a few days before your big day!
  • Forget the heels! You will have to walk a lot and remember the comfort of your guests. Some barns have wooden, pebble or even dirty floors. You could think of offering flip-flops and definitely add a note on your wedding website to advise wearing comfortable shoes!
  • Last but most important … consider the bathrooms! Choose a location that has services on hand too. And if there aren’t, ask the owners some recommendations and tips for guaranteed comfort!

MOST IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION: Rely on a wedding planner who is familiar and experienced in barn weddings!

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